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Places on Garda lake

Places on Garda lake




Bardolino is an Italian town of over 6,700 inhabitants in the province of Verona.
Bardolino is located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, 30 km from Verona, on a hilly area between the lake close to the West, and the hill to the east moraine of separation between the lake itself and the Adige Valley, where it leads in the Po Valley.


In Bedizzole castle documents the colorful history of the country, including various invasions and dominations. Do not miss the church and the sanctuary of Masciago.


Brescia is a city full of monuments not to be missed: the castle at the Museum of Santa Giulia, the squares and much more. A town rich in history and charm.


Buffalora is a village of about 2500 inhabitants belonging to the town of Brescia. Formerly known as Villa Buffalora.


Bussoleto is about 12 km from Verona. Compared to the state capital is located in the west to Lake Garda. The municipal territory is mostly flat, and is lapped by the river Adige.


Among the hills and the plains, Calcinato was marked by activity in the silk industry. To visit the parish church of San Vincenzo, who also worked on the famous Vantini.

Calvagese Della Riviera

Calvagese has distinguished himself in time to farming and handicrafts. To visit the ruins of the castle Carzago, testimony of the period of barbarian invasions.

Caprino Veronese

In the long center of great importance and commercial craft, Caprino Veronese has a long history. Numerous remains testify that the Roman presence in the area: among all the strain of Calpurnus Mercator. Important also stately homes lots in Venetian times, still wonderful examples of residential architecture.

Castelnuovo Del Garda

Do not miss the castle in Castelnuovo del Garda and villas dating from the period of Venetian domination.


Castrezzato is a country of about seven thousand inhabitants and is located in the west of the Province of Brescia. The village lies near the border with the province of Bergamo, and this can reach both the capital city in a short time.

Cavaion Veronese

Cavaion Veronese is a pretty village in the province of Verona, located in the hinterland of the Riviera of Olives, surrounded by green hills that frame the southeastern part of Lake Garda.

Corte Franca

Corte Franca is a town of 6,267 inhabitants in the province of Brescia Franciacorta just off the south shore of Lake Iseo.



Desenzano Del Garda

Among the most popular resorts of Lake Garda, Desenzano has an important story that will increase its appeal. Do not miss the Castle, one of the most important monuments. Desenzano is also an important destination for entertainment and tourism.



Gardone Riviera

Gardone Riviera has had a major cultural and tourism development, which also contributed to Gabriele d'Annunzio, who lived here in the famous Vittoriale, now among the most popular tourist destinations on Lake Garda.


Gargnano was chosen by families as important as Bettoni and Feltrinelli as a tourist destination, respectively, and here they built a beautiful villa and a palace, as well as other buildings. Hermitage of San Valentino a splendid view of the lake.


Gavardo is a town of 11,610 inhabitants in the province of Brescia in Lombardy. Sand is located in the Valle Sabbia, north east of Brescia, and this is the most populous country. The town belongs to the Comunità Montana della Valle Sabbia.


Lazise is a popular tourist resort on the Riviera of Olives, with a quaint old town within the medieval walls and towers.

Limone Del Garda

The city's name derives from the Latin "Limem" means border. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, its economy based on fishing and cultivation of olive trees and lemon trees.

Lonato Del Garda

Lonato, besides being one of the main tourist attractions of Lake Garda, in its territory has some interesting historical and artistic monuments not to be missed is the parish church of the fifth century. the castle and the abbey of Maguzzano with its polychrome decorations.


Magasa is a small mountain village of 230 inhabitants located in the hinterland of Lake Garda and Brescia in a valley of Vestino. E'sistemato mid-slope plateau Dena sea level to a height of 976 meters.



Manerba Del Garda

Manerba is best known for the famous fortress, which houses the archaeological and nature park, nature, archeology, food and wine are the strengths of this beautiful town on Lake Garda.


An unspoilt village, where you can easily hear the birds sing and follow the lizards among the stones of quiet lanes and caressing with her eyes the flowers of the meadows. We are in Marciaga in the province of Verona, a real balcony on Lake Garda with a true "paradise", where time stands still, the fields have retained their ancient integrity, and the population maintains the honesty and simplicity of the people of times long past.


Mazzano is a town of 11,486 inhabitants in the province of Brescia.
In 1861, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Italy, Mazzano had a population of 1256 inhabitants.
It was God's command to Rezzato IV, in turn belongs to the District V of Brescia in the province with the same capital.

Moniga Del Garda

Besides having an interesting historical journey, which he witnessed from the castle, Moniga stands for the production of one of the most appreciated wines of the area of Lake Garda: Chiaretto.


The town of Montichiari, near Lake Garda and inserted into the frame of the Po Valley, boasts many buildings of historical and architectural interest including the castle, the parish church of San Pancrazio and the cathedral.

Padenghe Sul Garda

Padenghe sul Garda has a beautiful old castle, whose original can still be admired today. History and nature combine in this beautiful village on Lake Garda.

Peschiera Del Garda

Peschiera del Garda is a beautiful resort, already important in prehistoric times, thanks to its strategic position. Still retains many traces of its history, including the walls unique.

Polpenazze Del Garda

Polpenazze is most famous for wine and food: culinary stands between the spit and do not miss the Wine Fair, event for wine lovers.


Pozzolengo is located between the moraine hills and Lake Garda: a landscape that surrounds the many architectural elements that grace the area, as the parish church and the farms and Bridge Ceresa.

Puegnago Sul Garda

Puegnago a few points of interest: the church of Our Lady of the Snow, the church walls and other religious buildings full of charm and history.

Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda

Roè Volciano

Roè Volciano is a town of 4,177 inhabitants in the province of Brescia, is one of the first countries in the Sand Valley and just a few miles from Lake Garda. The town belongs to the Comunità Montana della Valle Sabbia.


Rovato is an Italian town of 17,736 inhabitants in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy, in the Franciacorta area, at the foot of Mount Orfano.




Salò is one of the main resort of Lake Garda boasts a rich history and varied, and also an important artistic and literary. Many of the personalities who were born here and then they were known for cultural merits. Do not miss the Duomo, which houses among others a body painting by Palma il Giovane, paintings by Zenon Veronese and Andrea Heaven. Also important is the Palazzo della Magnifica Patria.

San Felice Del Benaco

San Felice del Benaco, despite being a small town, has several points of interest is located in front of the beautiful island of the lake, whilst in the territory of the country are located Portese Castle and the Church of San Felice, full of altars and frescoes .

San Zeno di Montagna

San Zeno di Montagna


Famous because it has been celebrated by the poet Catullus, from which the famous caves are named, Sirmione housed many famous people. In addition to the Grotte di Catullo not miss the castle and the many squares that make walking in the center even more attractive.

Soiano Del lago

Small and charming village, Soiano Lake has some very interesting monuments such as the parish church of San Michele.


The country of Sommacampagna is 12 km from the city of Verona and about 16 km from the city center. Compared to the state capital is located south west, nestled in the hills of the moraine at the limit of the Po Valley.


Situated on a plateau overlooking a large part of the lake, Tignale is located within the territory of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano. On a steep wall stands the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Monte Castello, the destination of pilgrimages. There are numerous possibilities for excursions in the park.

Torbole del Garda

Torbole del Garda

Torri Del Benaco

Torri del Benaco, on Lake Garda's Veronese shore, still the Tower of Berengar, an important monument erected to protect the village that played an important political and strategic role in the area.

Toscolano Maderno

Toscolano Maderno is an important tourist destination of Lake Garda, which is also distinguished by the important paper work.


Tremosine is one of the most fascinating areas of Lake Garda, with numerous natural and historical points of interest such as the villages of church and Champion.

Valeggio Sul Mincio

At the boundary between two regions, Lombardy and Veneto, south of Lake Garda, Valeggio sul Mincio is located in the natural morainic hills overlooking the Po Valley, close to two wonderful cities of art, Verona and Mantova.


Valvestino is located in the Valley, between the Valley and Sand Lake Garda. It is composed of the five villages of Armo, Bollone Droane, Moerna and People. The town hall is located in the town of Tura. It is one of the nine members of the Community common Montana Alto Garda Bresciano Park based in Gargnano and its territory includes the northern part of Lake Valvestino.


Verona is a truly fascinating city, where every corner is a witness to his story. Do not miss the main monuments, including the Arena, the plazas, the tower of the Lamberti, Juliet's balcony and much more.


Villafranca, with its 33.000 inhabitants, is a town in the southwestern province of Verona, distanced approximately 20 km from it. It is in an intermediate position between its provincial capital and the city of Mantova.